What is CVDA? CVDA is a team based, steel tip dart league serving Richmond, VA and surrounding areas.

What is your league format? Teams consist of 4 to 7 people and play on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights.  Teams are split into 3 divisions, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, based on the average skill of the players on team.  Play consists of both Cricket and the ’01 family of games, take a look at our score sheets, Gold or Silver/Bronze, to see how the matches are set up.

How do I go about finding a team? If you are looking to play on a team, but don’t know where to find one, use this form to email our League Director, make a post on our Facebook page, or come out to one of our weekly Blind Draws (see front page for schedule) and meet some of the local players.

What is a Blind Draw?  Also known as a ‘Luck of Draw’, a Blind Draw is type of dart tournament where people who are signed up to play are randomly assigned partners for the duration of the tournament.  You may get paired with a top tier player or you may get someone who is just picking up darts for the first time.  CVDA sanctioned Blind Draws are single elimination bracket style tournaments, with a cash payout for the top 4 pairings.