Are you new to the area and looking for a league? Maybe you’re just new to darts and want to play a bit more with real opponents? Either way we would love to have you in CVDA. If you would like more information on CVDA, check out our F.A.Q.


Area Reps Needed

WE NEED AREA REPRESENTATIVES. Please contact Terry Kelly at rett98 (at) if you can help us out or to find out more about the duties. Need to get Area Reps lined up by 22 AUG!!

Updated Rosters

The team rosters with week 10 PPA’s has been uploaded. Captains, please check the rosters for accuracy. If there are any mistakes, please email Terry Kelly, rett98 (at)

Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Mark Woodard for winning the 50″ HDTV and Blu Ray DVD Player!

Thank you!

Thanks to ALL who came out and supported our 38th Annual CVDA Dart Classic! And a special thanks to the following people:

Wayne Nolen for coming back and helping us with the brackets, etc. His help was invaluable to the BOD.

Setup Team: Charli Smith, Dorothy Schroeder, Hank Schroeder, Amber Cole, Mike Gottfried, Carol Dehart, John Huddleston, Rodrick Barrow, Mark Modlin, Len Hall, Jerry Hubbard, Thomas Brownie and Wayne Nolen.

Jenna Westbrook for running our Youth Events

Mark Modlin for working with us throughout the weekend, handing out score sheets, etc.

Teardown Team: Charli Smith, Dorothy Schroeder, Carol DeHart, Amber Cole, Robbie Loving, Rodrick Barrow, Mark Modlin, Mike Weyant, Thomas Brownie, Larry Humphries, Len Hall, and Kelsie Smith.

Finally, a special thanks to the BOD: Dorothy Schroeder, Carol Dehart, Amber Cole, Charli Smith and Robbie Loving for giving it their all for 56 straight hours!

Check your points to see where you stand among other CVDA players.

Points List through June

Local Tournaments

September 3 & 4

Save the Ta Tas at Omega

Non-CVDA Tournaments

Blind Draws

CVDA sponsors several Blind Draws in the area. Come on out and join the fun. Sign up times are listed, play generally begins 30 minutes after sign-ups start.

Monday Night

Thursday Night

Friday Night

Saturday Night

Sunday Night